Donations / Dana

The Parami of Generosity

According to the tradition of pure Vipassana, courses are run solely on a donation basis. There is no wealthy foundation or individual sponsoring them. Neither the teachers nor the organizers receive any kind of payment for their service. 

How Dana is Used

Donations given at the end of a course and other general dana are used to finance future courses and center operations. This includes food, utilities, supplies, and maintenance. 

Donations from USA and Canada

Ms. Anh Huynh helps collecting donations from USA and Canada to help you save on bank transfer fees. Donations from USA may be tax-exempted. Please contact Anh at: (email)  -  510-747-8123 (phone)

Philippine Bank Donations

BANK: BPI Family Savings Bank


ACCNT NO: 6861002975


Credit Card / Int'l Bank Donations

You may deposit money via PayPal using your bank account or Visa/MasterCard/AmEx and all other major credit/debit cards. PayPal donations take only a minute (or a few minutes for those who do not have an account) and are safe and secure.