Donations / Dana

This information is for old students, that is, those who have completed at least one 10-day course with SN Goenka or one of his assistant teachers.

The Parami of Generosity

According to the tradition of pure Dhamma, courses are run solely on a donation basis. Having completed a Vipassana course, you naturally wish to share with others the benefits that you have received. Giving dana in this way builds one's qualities of selflessness and generosity and helps the center to continue offering courses.

People have different means, but even a small donation reflects your desire to help someone else to learn Dhamma. These donations from students are the only source of funding for Vipassana courses in this tradition. There is no wealthy foundation or individual sponsoring the centre. Neither the teachers nor the trustees receive any payment for their service. Thus, the spread of Dhamma is carried out with purity of purpose, free from any commercialism.

How Dana is Used

Donations given at the end of a course and other general dana are used to finance future courses, operations and center development. This includes food, utilities, supplies, and maintenance. Since 10-day courses have been suspended in 2017, all dana received will be used for building the new center in Tiaong, Quezon. Please go to our Center Development page for more information.

Donations from USA and Canada

Ms. Anh Huynh helps collecting donations from USA and Canada to help you save on bank transfer fees. Donations from USA may be tax-exempted. Please contact Anh at: (email)  -  510-747-8123 (phone)

Philippine Bank Donations

BANK: BPI Family Savings Bank


ACCNT NO: 6861002975


Credit Card / Int'l Bank Donations

You may deposit money via PayPal using your bank account or Visa/MasterCard/AmEx and all other major credit/debit cards. PayPal donations take only a minute (or a few minutes for those who do not have an account) and are safe and secure.

If you have any queries about donations or center finances, please email:

If an error has been made and an incorrect donation amount has been debited from your account, please contact us at Please provide your name and address, outlining the date and amount of the transaction and the nature of the mistake, and we will make a reimbursement accordingly.

May all beings benefit from Dhamma!