Service opportunities

Service Skills Questionnaire

We are seeking to understand what skills and services you can offer (i.e. auto mechanic, webdesign, construction, etc.) to help build and operate Dhamma Phala. Kindly take the 1-2 minute questionnaire.

Key Roles Needed Now for Center Development

Our goal is to resume 10-day courses in 2018 in our new location! In order to do this, we plan to dismantle, transfer and re-build the temporary structures in Dasmarinas to Tiaong. As part of this effort, we need to complete the first phase of center design and construction, which includes setting up of center utilities (i.e. water, electricity, waste systems, etc) and building the  foundations for the temporary structures. We need people who are willing to help manage the design, estimate costs, and raise the necessary dana for our first phase of development.

Key roles needed now to meet our goal:

  • Construction Project Manager - help manage the overall design and construction of the center.
  • Architect and/or Design Team - help create the master plan and future center design.
  • Treasurer and/or Finance Manager - keep track of income and expenses, build forecasting documents, and work with accountant.
  • Construction Support - electrician, plumbing, architectural, foundations, etc. to help in design reviews.
  • Property Manager - supervise caretaker, keep track of property produce sales, ensure payments made for caretaker, electricity, etc.
  • Legal and Real Estate Manager - provide legal advice, assist in the title transfer process, facilitate appropriate tax payments
  • Kitchen Manager - estimate costs for building out the kitchen, setting up training documents, and more.

If you are interested in helping with one of these roles please email


We would like to inform you that at this point of building a permanent center in the country, we are in need of members to form various committees such as Kitchen Committee, Center Development Committee, etc. 

You can sign up for a committee, get more involved and find out more information by sending an email to: 

There are great opportunities to serve now and in the future.