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A collection of resources to strengthen your daily practice and learn more about Vipassana.

Group Sits

Students often report that visiting a group sit once per week greatly improves their practice. You must have completed at least one 10 day course of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka to attend these group sits.



Visit our giving dana page to donate via check, paypal one time, or paypal recurring donations. Small amounts every month by many students can add up to a lot.

Philippines Vipassana Newsletter

View historical newsletters and signup to receive news. We use the newsletter announcement mailing list to send you items like: Volunteer Opportunities, Course Announcements, New Group Sits, and Steering Committee Meeting Notices. 


Service Opportunities

There are great opportunities to serve now and in the future. Visit our service page to complete a skills and service questionnaire. 

Center Development

Dhamma Phala is in development in the new land. Visit our Center Development page to keep up with the designs, construction, and operations.