Dhamma Phala

Developments of The Philippine Vipassana Center


After a 10 year search, Dhamma Phala, the Vipassana Philippines center, has found its final destination and new home.

As you may have heard, we built a temporary center in a mango grove belonging to an old student several years ago. She kindly let us stay there because renting retreat centers are very expensive in the Philippines and so it made financial sense to build a temporary center. But now we have to leave and we found a 3 hectare place in Tiaong, a 2.5 hour drive south of Manila in Quezon province.

The place was designed as a clinic so it already contains 2 large Nipa houses (local building style) with 4 rooms and attached bathrooms, a solid house and a water tower. Water and electricity connections are already there. Plenty of coconut and other fruit bearing trees give a pleasant climate and shade. It is situated above the surrounding land, with a wide circle of hills in the distance. Mt Banahaw, a local 'holy' mountain, is close by. By moving some of the prefab buildings that we have to the existing site and re-erecting them over there, it would take only a few months before we could start 10 day courses in the new location. 

At 6 mil. PHP it is a very good deal, the best we found in the last 10 years of searching, even though land prices have been steadily rising. The payment consists of giving half the sum right away, and the rest by postdated cheques over an 18 month period. We are grateful for the help of Dhamma brothers and sisters like you and we are happy to announce that we have been able to pay for the property in full.

The next step is transferring the structures from the old site to the new site and beginning the Phase 1 of center development.

This is an outreach message. It is a great opportunity for you to participate in this endeavor. There are several ways to help: 

  • With dana in the form of a lump sum or a loan.

  • With dana in the form of a commitment to contribute a certain amount regularly for the construction.