How does your Dana Work

Establishing Vipassana in the Philippines

Courses run on only on a Donation Basis

According to the tradition of pure Dhamma, courses are run solely on a donation basis. Donations are accepted only from old students, that is, those who have completed at least one course with S. N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers.

Why Only Old Students can Donate

Donations may be received only from people who have realized for themselves the benefits of Dhamma. Then, giving a donation becomes a part of the practice. Being an old student you may wish to share with others the benefits that you have received from Dhamma. Even a very small donation can reflect the proper understanding of wishing to give at least something for someone else. This understanding deepens when one realizes that not only is it important to give a donation, but it should be in line with one's capacity to give. 

This capacity will naturally be different for each person, but the wish to help others should be the same. 

Where does Dana go

These donations are the only source of funding for courses in this tradition around the world. There is no wealthy foundation or individual sponsoring them. Neither the teachers nor the organizers receive any kind of payment for their service. Thus, the spread of Dhamma is carried out with purity of purpose, free from any commercialism. Therefore, whether your donation be large or small, let it be with the pure volition: "Because someone else has donated, I have been able to learn Dhamma to purify my mind. I would like others to continue to have the same opportunity. Therefore, let me give something for the benefit of others, according to my means."

How Dana is Used

Donations given at the end of a course and other general dana are used to finance future courses, operations and center development. This includes food, utilities, supplies, and maintenance. 10-day courses have been suspended since 2017, so all dana received will be used for building the new center in Tiaong, Quezon. Please go to our Center Development page for more information.


Center Development

After a 10-year search, Dhamma Phala has found its final destination: a 3-hectare piece of land in Tiaong, a 2.5 hour drive south of Manila in Quezon province. 

From our old home, we are moving to Tiaong, Quezon, a two and a half hour drive from Manila. Being a former clinic, the place already has 2 large nipa huts, each with 4 rooms and a bathroom, one solid house, and a dedicated water tower. Water and electricity are readily available, and trees can be found around the area as they provide ample shade and produce a pleasant atmosphere.

This is an outreach message that encourages local and international old students to take part in spreading the Dhamma in the entire Philippines.

With this pure volition, when you make a donation in any amount according to your means, you are developing your parami of dana, the perfection of generosity.

Through your genuine participation, you can become the foundation in building our permanent Vipassana Center in the Philippines.

Donations for courses

Dhamma Phala Vipassana Philippines, Inc. runs the operations and the courses of Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka in the Philippines. Course dana is used to cover the day-to-day costs of running the center.