Travelling to the Philippines

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November to February

The coolest months and a good time to visit the Philippines as far as weather is concerned.

March to May

The summer months in the country and are classified as hot and dry.

June to October

Rainy Season, with the months between July and September characterized by typhoons.


Average temperature in the Philippines is 86degreesF / 30degreesC; average humidity is 77%.

Some parts of the country such as Cebu and its neighboring provinces in the Visayas are warm and comfortable in all seasons and can be visited throughout the year.

Travel Formalities


Tourists can visit the Philippines without a visa if staying in the country for 21 days or less; provided tourists have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months and a return ticket or a ticket to another destination outside the Philippines. If you wish to stay longer you must obtain a Visa Extension either before your trip from a Philippine Consulate or Embassy. Or, once in the country, you may obtain it from the Bureau of Immigrations.

Airports Terminals


Airport TerminalS Navigation

NAIA’s four terminals are linked only by busy public roads, and shuttle vans, take a taxi between terminals if you're in a hurry.

Pay close attention to which terminal your airline uses and allow plenty of time between connecting flights if you have to switch terminals. International flights run by Cebu Pacific, ANA, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates Air, KLM and Singapore Airlines use newer Terminal 3.


The most convenient way to get out of the Airport terminal is through Taxis. You can have a choice to use the Airport taxi, regular metered taxi or an Online Taxi Service (Grab Taxi). It might not be possible to go directly from the Airport Terminal to Dhamma Phala because it is far and can be very expensive. It is best to go to the bus station and get a ride going from Manila to Tiaong, Quezon.